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Is my account safe with you?

Yup! #InstaGrow only works with real people – no bots. We are a marketing agency. So there is no difference between your normal use of Instagram and the way we work on your account.

How can I get started?

To get our Service, basically, buy from the homepage one of the plans that suits you best, based on the growth you want to achieve. When we receive your order, our team will immediately get to work to find your target audience and will start working on your profile within a maximum of 48 hours.

Can I purchase multiple Packs for different accounts?

Yup! Simply place an order for each profile you want us to manage. We already manage several accounts of different agencies and clients.

How much?

You can see here our Packages and their prices.

Do you work with agencies?

Sure! In fact, many of our clients are agencies that delegate the work of managing their clients’ accounts to us.

Here are some important points of how we work with agencies.

  • #InstaGrow will never interact directly with agency clients
  • #InstaGrow works with the agency to login the account
  • The end customer will never know that #InstaGrow was working on their profile

For any other information about it, visit the ” Earn with US ” page

Do you also work with Business accounts?

Yup. We manage accounts of different brands (with discretion of course 🙂).

Can I use my account while using #InstaGrow?

Yup! In fact, we encourage you to do this and post regularly. The more active you are, the more quality our work will be. We take care of the dirty work while you do your best to post interesting and quality content!

Are the Followers real?

Yup! There is a real person working on your account using different marketing techniques.

Our agency does NOT use Bots or Automations. If you want to buy fake Followers, Likes, Comments or Views then we are NOT the right service for you. We are a marketing agency that helps you grow on Instagram legitimately.

How does the #InstaGrow Team go about growing an account?

We will grow your profile by applying different marketing techniques, identifying and targeting specific accounts that may be potentially interested in following you, interacting with or buying from you. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeting – Through an analysis of competitors, similar accounts, hashtags and geolocation, we determine a list of users on which to perform growth operations.
  • Follow / Unfollow – Our Team will follow these accounts and stop following them at the appropriate time.
  • Like – In some cases we will “Like” targeted posts.

We have internal tools that help us identify the ideal Target for your profile, so it would be impossible for you to do it manually.

Do I have to send you my username and password?

Yup. Access to your account is required. The Login process is however very simple. From the moment we log into your account from an IP address and a location other than yours, you may receive a security notification regarding access from Instagram. However we will let you know when we log in, so you can be sure it is our team.

NOTE: If other companies say they can promise the same service without logging into your account they are definitely using BOT! Stay away from them.

Can I keep two-factor authentication on?

Unfortunately no, it is not recommended. The reason is that we will log into your account several times during the day. This would require entering the security code several times a day, effectively wasting time and not being able to perform all the actions scheduled for the day.

Why am I not seeing results?

After ordering, you have to wait a few days before seeing results on your profile. The first few days are used to identify the right target and to carry out a “warm-up” phase of your profile.

Remember that we DO NOT sell fake Followers or Likes. We are effectively your Personal Growth Team, doing the work for you. Results take time.

Are there any things that may be preventing the results from being achieved?

Yes, there are actions that may make it impossible for us to bring you the expected results. Here are the cases below:

1) Contests / Promotions / Giveaways / Unusual Follower Activities – We have seen many customers organize contests, promotions and giveaways. We love it! This is a great way to quickly grow your account. However, it is inevitable that after the contest / promotion, there will be a wave of people who will unfollow your account. Unfortunately, this significantly and negatively affects our Follower growth numbers.
Here is an example:
The customer is giving away a gift and to participate, users must start following it. The promotion gets some success and at the end of the month the customer has gained +2,500 new followers. Unfortunately, we have no way of measuring how many of these were due to our team’s work and how many were due to promotion.
After the promotion, 2000 of the new followers no longer follow the customer account. This is quite common and should be expected, since most of the followers obtained with that method are due to the fact that users only wanted to win the gift.
In such a scenario, it could be assumed that the #InstaGrow team brought the customer 500 new Followers over the course of the month. However, the actual results are not linear and it is entirely possible that #InstaGrow brought in more than 500 new Followers, but the promotion or account history has predicted a decline.
In this case, the results are skewed and do not reflect the real effort and results of our team. In such cases, our team should not be expected to return a total of 500 followers for the month such events occur. It is impossible to attribute responsibility for this event.

2) Client inactivity – We ask that clients perform at least the following functions to aid in the growth of their accounts:
– Post high quality images: Growth on Instagram requires the customer to post high quality images on their account. We require a minimum of 15-20 photos per month, however our data and experience shows that growth can be accelerated by posting 30 images per month (1 post per day). Instagram favors active accounts. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve accelerated Follower growth on an inactive account, which hasn’t posted any content for weeks. This is because some users will NOT follow an account they haven’t recently posted.
– Reply to Comments: Growing Instagram requires engagement with your audience. Therefore, please make an effort to respond to your followers who like your photos, by leaving comments, asking questions or trying to contact you directly. The more involved you are, the more your Followers will be involved.

3) Customer Interference – We ask that customers do not perform Follow / Unfollow / Like activities.
Since our team will carry out these activities, and we don’t want to reach the limits of Instagram, it is assumed that only our team is responsible for these activities. If the client interferes with these activities, we will be limited to carrying out our actions due to the limits imposed and therefore we should not be held responsible for not achieving our goals.

4) Inaccessibility / Password changes – If we can’t access the account (password changes, Instagram is down, etc.), it is simply not possible to work on the account. Sometimes, Instagram may require you to log in again due to expired authentication tokens or other reasons. In such cases, we will notify you and go through the standard login process again. Keep in mind that losing 1 or 2 business days without access during a month is equivalent to almost 10% of the entire month without activity. This can affect our results.

5) Companies – Some companies or niches are not so growth oriented on Instagram. In such cases, our team will inform you in advance to set more precise expectations. For example, a local restaurant will not achieve comparable results with a fashion influencer or fitness company.

Can you guarantee a number of Likes?

No. Our Team is focused on bringing you new Followers, not Likes. Simply because it is a metric that we cannot control. The Likes will be obtained organically from the posts you publish. Having more Followers interested in your content will certainly help you to have a better engagement, however the crucial factor for obtaining Like is the quality of your Posts / Stories / Videos and their respective descriptions. Since our Team does not publish the Posts, we cannot force users to leave you Like and therefore we are not responsible for the Likes you receive.

Here are some reasons why you might not get the likes you expect:

  • Post Quality: Posts without creativity or low resolution will not bring results
  • Number of posts per month: posting a few times a month (1-2) will not bring results, because few people will see them
  • Account type: in some cases the customers are companies, which would not get Like because of the type of content posted (would you ever leave a Like at a gas station?)

If there are companies that guarantee you a number of Likes, they are doing false promotion and the Likes are definitely Fake. We don’t do this.


You can contact us at any time in chat if you have other doubts.